Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located in the dental building, room 2.467T. Here is the map.

For more directions on campus please go here.


Q. What should I wear?

A. Men-Where a blazer with solid shirts & bring a couple of different ties. 

Women-Where business attire, stay away from large patterns or text.

For more info on what to wear click here.


Q. Where can I find my headshot?

A. Use the search function on the main page. Try your first name or last name or both!


Q. How do I cancel or change my appointment?

A. When you booked your appointment, you received a notification email. In that email is where you will see options to cancel or change your appointment. If you need help feel free to call us and we can cancel or change that for you.


Q. What happens if I cannot show up to an appointment?

A. We have a no-show fee of $20. To avoid this, please cancel from the email you received when you first booked, or by calling us to cancel the appointment 3 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.


Q. Can I pay with a PID number?

A. Yes! Please put the PID number in the correct field and then select "Pay Later".



Q. Where can I get a Model Release?


Q. Do you offer photoshoots on the weekend?

A. Only event photography is scheduled for weekends. Check out our scheduling page here.


Q. Can you resize my photo for the residency application?
A. Yes! Just let us know and we will take care of that for you. The requirement is normally 2.5 x 3.5 under 150KB.



Q. Are your subscriptions pro-rated?
A. No, they start the date you activate it and will be renewed a year later. To learn more about subscriptions please click here.



Q. How can I search for events?
A. First 30 days of the event you can find in "Recent Uploads" or when we send you the link to the gallery. After that, you'll need a subscription to access all events and can be found by the Department. You can also use the search function and use any keywords that relate to the event or place. It's best to first search your department then if you don't find it, use the search function.


Q. Can I purchase prints or products with a PID?

A. Yes! You will need to add the prints/products to your shopping cart and then call our department, 210-450-8952, and ask to purchase it with a PID. 



Q. If I purchase prints with a PID, can I get it shipped to my address?

A. Yes! Let us know at the time of the purchase and we can ship to any address.


Q. Can I download my department's photos without a subscription?

A. If you book a photoshoot for your department, you have 30 days to download those photos without a subscription. Once the 30 days expires, a $20 archival fee will apply to retrieve those photos. With a subscription, you will have unlimited access to all your department's photos.


Q. Do you edit the professional portraits?

A. Yes. We do a soft edit to keep the portrait as natural as possible. Some requests are about wrinkles or stray hair. Let us know what that may be and we can either reduce or remove it. We do not alter facial features or do digital makeup.


Q. Do you deliver all images you shoot from our event or environmental?

A. No. We edit out the repetitive or unusable images to leave you with the best images. For example, we may photograph a few images of a speaker or person to make sure images are in focus or that we have taken the best shot. We would not deliver you 5 or 10 of the same image. We only deliver the best photos for your event or environmental that best reflects the story.